Monday, June 30, 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Dance

This week on Mixed Media Monday we have Katrin as our guest host again. This time Katrin has chosen "dance" as the challenge prompt, and I couldn't resist doing a canvas for this theme. This is a 5 x 7 inch or 12.7 x 17.8 cm canvas board. The background is done acrylic paints. Lots of fun - thanks, Katrin! I learned the technique for this background at the Altered Diva Summer school. Lots of fun!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Places

This week the very talented Fatma returns as guest host on Mixed Media Monday and she has chosen "places" as the theme. I pondered long and hard about what I'd like to do for this challenge - thinking of all the places I'd like to visit (and there are many, LOL) and all the places I've been and loved. Then it hit me - when it's all said and done, Dorothy was right - "there's no place like home". So that's what I decided to do. I cut a piece of matt board into the shape of a house and used lots of glazes, a scanned page from a Wizard of Oz book (I could never cut that up) - used a picture of Dorothy from the movie because Judy Garland WAS Dorothy, a chipboard number, and a rubber stamp star which I used with paint. That's about it. Thanks for another fun challenge Fatma!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer School

I am currently doing the Softly Spoken Summer Class at Altered Diva, and this is one of the pieces I completed today. Lots of fun working on the background in acrylics, and all the bits and pieces that went into it.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Try Something New - Fabric Book

I must admit I was being a little self indulgent when I chose the theme of "try something new" for Mixed Media Monday this week, because I was dying to experiment with a fabric altered board book. It was such fun, and the way this one was done was great, just roughly measuring, tearing the fabric when possible etc. I did find it a little hard to be so loose, but I think I got there in the end. Unfortunately the scans aren't the best, because the book only just fitted into my scanner, and being so big and thick, it was difficult, but I'm sure you'll get an idea. It was great fun mixing and matching all the different pieces of fabric, and digging through my stash to find different things to embellish it with. Can't wait to start my second one now :-)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mixed Media Forum

I am very excited to have set up a bulletin board for participants of Mixed Media Monday, to discuss all things pertaining to our art. While it is aimed primarily at people who participate on MMM - and might only mean that you visit the site and go and look at what participants have made - anyone who loves mixed media will be welcome to participate.

I hope lots of people will pop on over and join in the fun:

Mixed Media Monday - By The Sea

This week on Mixed Media Monday we have another wonderful guest host, Ilonka! Ilonka chose "by the sea" as her theme - fun! I think this ATC I made is probably more "in" the sea than "by" the sea, but it's fun and I felt like being a little quirky this week. The background is done with color mist sprays on deli paper. I used a rubber stamp for the tail half of the mermaid and some clipart for the upper half. Then I added some German scrap fish, which I distressed with acrylic paints, and some small shells. The seaweek is hand drawn and coloured. Alhough it doesn't show up well in the scan, there is gold paint around the edges of the ATC and highlights over the background. Thanks for a fun challenge, Ilonka.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mixed Media Monday - Bingo

This week on Mixed Media Monday we have another new guest host - this time it's Alisha (from Two Cool Texans fame). Alisha has chosen the fun theme of "bingo" as the challenge. This is the piece I came up with. I used a heavy matt board vintage bingo card from Collage Stuff, which is about 12x12 cm (almost 5x5 inches) I altered it with gesso, inks etc. I also added my very first successful gel medium image transfer :-) -which I transferred onto a vintage book page, which was distressed further with gesso. I also used some bingo chips and a faux postage stamp from Collage Stuff.