Monday, January 25, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - The Games People Play

We have had so many wonderful guest hosts over at Mixed Media Monday that I haven't had to host a challenge for ages. However, this week it's my turn again. I chose "the games people play" and then had no idea what I'd do for it, LOL. I also wanted to get all messy with paint and mediums, but in the end I ended up collaging more than anything. This is an 8x8 inch or 20x20cm (approx) size canvas that I turned over and used the back of, to get a nice little niche to work with. Then it was basically a matter of collaging lots of images of different games, adding gesso and paint, lots of real game pieces, a red heart overlaid with a gold toned metal heart and attached with a game spinner. The king and queen's crowns are actually gold too, but they dind't photograph very well because of the niche.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Wings

This week the theme on Mixed Media Monday is wings, chosen by our new gues host, Kelly! I decided that my mp3 player needed a little pouch, so this was the perfect opportunity to make one. The image is printed onto printer fabric and softly coloured with Prisma pencils. This is then mounted onto a piece of silk. The next layer was fun - it is a piece of "crash" fabric that I painted with acrylic paints and then "tortured" with my heat gun. All of this was sewn onto a little padded pouch that I made and then I added a lace fragment, a gorgeous lacy flower motif that my daughter gave me, and a butterfly motif.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Something New

This week Barbara is guest hosting on Mixed Media Monday, and chose "something new" to challenge us with. This could not have been more opportune for me, with the arrival of my first grandchild, Lucy, last Tuesday! (See the post below this one). So, of course, Lucy and being a grandmother is new for me. But the real "something new" is scrapbooking - that is something I always said I'd NEVER do, but I really wanted to do something to commemorate the arrival of Lucy - I hope her parents like it! It's made in a wooden book cut into the shape of wings.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'm a Grandmother!!!!!!

I am so thrilled! I have my first grandchild, Lucy! This beautiful little girl came to join our family on 5th January, at 6.34 pm. She weighed 2.77 kgs or 6.17 pounds. She is a tiny little bundle of gorgeousness - perfect in every way. Both she and her mother Bridget are doing well. However I think it will take my son, Allan, a little while to come down from the clouds! Then again, I guess I'm up there with him, grin!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Leftovers

Beth is hosting on Mixed Media Monday yet again (thankyou) , and has come up with another inspired idea for a challenge - "leftovers". I had so much fun with this! The doll's body is made from an empty stubby beer bottle that I enjoyed on Christmas day :-) I covered the bottle with some deli paper sprayed with color mist sprays that I had left over from another project. The piece over that is cheese cloth dyed in coffee, also a left over. Her necklace is made from the bottle cap from the same bottle and the collage was made with left over elements, apart from the gorgeous little gold bird charm. Her wings were cut from a soft drink can and embossed, then painted gold. Her buckle was made from the ring pull from the can, and the ribbon arrived wrapped around something I purchased online. The doll's head is from a plastic doll - with all the hair removed and then painted to look similar to a porcelaine doll and her hat is made from the same cheese cloth as the over dress. I named the doll "Second Hand Rose", for obvious reasons.