Monday, April 26, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - I Feel Pretty

After the success of "hello Dolly" on Mixed Media Monday I decided to choose another show tune this week - "I feel pretty". Then spent almost two weeks wondering why - I couldn't get inspired by the challenge in the least. I finally decided to make another piece of jewellery. I must say I enjoyed the process in the end. The pendant was difficult to photograph because of the silicone coating over the collage because it was really reflecting the light, but you get the idea. The silicone has a lovely crackle to it, that also doesn't show up too well in the photos.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Look What I Found

I chose "look what I found" as the theme on Mixed Media Monday this week because I thought it would be a fun and really open theme for people to participate in. Then I set to work using some of my favourite "found" items as an example piece. I have to admit that I didn't find the gorgeous aged tin I used - my daughter bought it for me in a little antiques shop, but it is just perfect. I used some papers and a chipboard bingo card for the backgrounds and worked out from there, adding a silver toned frame and key that I "aged". The embellishments are a vintage lace motif and buttons, some little flowers and a little "dream" button that I also aged. The bisque doll is another one from my collection of dolls from a bombed out factory in Germany - she is complete, if a little rusted :-) I have a bit of a crush on them at the moment! The tin is approximately 7 cm or 3 in square when closed.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Hello Dolly

I must admit I had fun doing this piece! My son gave me the book "Who's Your Dada?" by Linda and Opie O'Brien for Christmas. Since then I've been searching for interesting found objects to make some of the Dada style dolls. I finally decided I had enough in my stash to make my first piece, and this is it. The body of the doll is a beautifully aged and rusted vintage cigarette tin. Likewise one of her arms is a lovely aged vintage key, while the other one is a plastic arm attached with a screw. The legs are made from small wooden reels, which I aged, and I also aged the little wooden clogs which came from a doll. The head is from a vintage bisque doll, dug up from an old doll factory which was bombed out in Germany. The word on the "buckle" says "spirit". She stands about 20 cm or 8 in tall.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mixed Media Monday - Eggs

After a terrible week - I'm finally back on the computer and hoping to get everything back to normal as quickly as possible. Our computer crashed on Monday morning when we went to switch it on.....grrrrr!!!! We ended up having to buy a new computer - not sure if we will be able to retrieve anything from the old one yet - and of course, I wasn't up to date with my backing up. Ah well......I only have myself to blame for all the stuff I've lost!

This week on Mixed Media Monday the theme was going to be "eggs". I've decided to put the challenge up now (five days late) and have it run next week as well - so everyone has a chance to catch up.

My piece is an art doll of sorts. It's body is a little stretched canvas (10 x 7cm or 4x2.75in approx.), which I covered with vintage papers. It's wings are made from feathery angel wings that I painted, the legs are twisted wire, and the head is computer generated. The whole piece stands approximately 18cms or just over 7 inches tall. The egg is a quail egg the my daughter gave me.