Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Heroes

This week on Mixed Media Monday, Beth is our guest host, and she has chosen "heroes" as our challenge. With the terrible bush fires in Victoria two weeks ago, the real heroes of our times, the Aussie firies (firefighters) were the obvious choice for my piece. I wanted to pay tribute to these wonderful men and women who risk their lives to save others, property, bushland etc. Some of these firies lost their own properties, and in one tragic case his family, while out fighting the fires. I'd also like to honour the Canberra firefighter, David Balfour, who was repaying a debt of gratitude for the help we received during the Canberra fires, who was tragically killed by a burnt out tree which fell. Today is the National Day of Mourning, when we remember the 208 people lost in the fires, their families and friends and all those affected by the devastating fires. We are also remembering the wonderful work of the firies - our heroes, and the other emergency workers, volunteers etc. who were there to help.

My piece is done on a 5x7 inch or 12.7x17.8 cm canvas board. The background is painted in acrylic paints and the images are computer printed. The letters are chipboard.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Hearts and Wings

This week I am thrilled to have the very talented Fannie as guest host on Mixed Media Monday
and she has chosen the theme "hearts and wings". This was the perfect opportunity for me to play with some painting faces again. This piece is done water colour paper and I used water colour pencils and a couple of other media to paint the picture. The first scan shows the painting on it's own, so you can see it well, and the second image shows it in the cute little frame I found at the Salvo's op shop for only $2. Of course, it didn't scan so well with the glass, but I wanted to show you how it will be displayed. Thanks Fannie for such a fun challenge!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Romance

Rosie is the guest host over at Mixed Media Monday, and she has chosen the very fitting theme of "romance". I made this collage on a chipboard tryptich which is about 6 x 8 inches (or 15 x 20 cm approx.).

Monday, February 2, 2009

Mixed Media Monday - Fruit

This week the very talented Hermine is guest host on Mixed Media Monday, and she has chosen the challenge prompt of "fruit". I had no idea where to start with this subject - it's not something that came easily to me. So while I was mulling over fruit, I thought of Carmen Miranda and her flamboyant hats, often adorned with fruit. So, Carmen it was - and since I couldn't find any good quotes from her, I used a phrase from one of her best known songs. The piece is done on a 4 x 4 inch or 10.2 x 10.2 cm square canvas board. The background is done with acrylic paints and the picture and words were computer generated.